Brand, Design Angus Gastle

ATB Annual '15

Brand, Design Angus Gastle
ATB Annual '15

This was one of the first projects Dennis  undertook as Creative Director at ATB. It was an opportunity to work directly with their creative staff to establish a meaningful narrative for the report as well as hint at an activation of the re-imagined brand.

The document was designed to efficiently deliver several iterations of a core set of content —it weaves customer stories with the relevance of ATB activities; it provides a high level synopsis for the Annual General Meeting with the key information printed as a ‘dust jacket’, and its data was easily migrated to a dynamic complementary online experience.

Creative Director: Dennis Lenarduzzi
Designer: Nick Oelke
Writer: Faith Farthing
Account Manager: Tricia Jorritsma
Account Manager: Kim Frey
Photographer: Blue Fish Studios
Production Manager: Peter Sykora


See the digital version of the Annual Report.