Microbix Biosystems

Our first impression was, this team is really ambitious. During our first meeting with the SMT in late May, we met with a team that was cohesive, invested and ambitious. The status quo is no longer good enough. The management team is focussed on reinventing its position in the marketplace, improving the fundamentals and executing on Lumisort - their large market R&D project with huge potential in the semen sexing business. Microbix’s path forward is far from clear, but the indicators are positive and the momentum is starting to build - with the proper vision.

After an afternoon working session with the SMT, we finalized a core brand strategy and a vision/value set that better defined the company that Microbix wanted to become 3 years hence. This strategy formed the foundation for a re-branding effort that took place over the summer of 2015.


With a long track record of trust in the marketplace, we felt a simple monogram encapsulated the notion of a stable foundation. Monograms, as a design motif, have a long history of representing the originality of individuals and companies. This concept steps away from the traditional monogram aesthetic into something modern. This concept strongly alludes to the helix structure of both protein chains and the double-helix of DNA. Symbolically, this can also be a metaphor for interaction (between science and business or between Microbix and its customers). As in the first concept, the old Microbix brand palette was carried through using red, while adding a navy tone for the secondary colour.