World Ring Concept

World Ring Concept

A visionary design for an incredible city.


The World Ring will be an ecumenical, epistemological and cross-cultural convergence where philosophy, science, religion and art can be explored, expanded and experienced. A mixture of public spaces, theaters, halls, museums and galleries spread between an undersea aquarium and an open hanging-garden, the World Ring will evoke awe, joy, wonder and optimism.

In the Universe all things vibrate in balance and exist as one. However, our inadequate senses provide only a glimpse of the full spectrum of harmonious resonance surrounding us. Ignorant of that which we could not see, hear, touch, or smell we were, for generations, powerless to perceive the true nature of our surroundings. Deceived by these limited perceptions, and inspired by ego, our illusions of individuality created a discordant and disconnected existence.

Yet, as we evolved, technology and philosophy expanded the scope of our vision and transformed our reality. We are now able to perceive the microscopic world within a grain of sand and the vast tapestry that unfolds between the stars above us. Our improved understanding of the universe’s cosmic and quantum anatomy has filled in the space between us and we no longer view the objects around us as discrete or autonomous. Ironically, as an ever larger portion of reality comes into focus, and we begin to understand the unified nature of the material universe, we have begun to search, within ourselves, for the core of our singular existence.


However, without global acceptance of oneness we cannot harmonize with the sublime symphony around us. Only when we combine our collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom can we recombine our being and attain a harmonious existence. Greed must be replaced with acceptance, and fear with trust; before we can truly accept our surroundings and our neighbors as indivisible from ourselves.

As a first step, we have accepted our true nature, submitted our individuality, and conceived the World Ring. A metaphorical manifestation of global unity, the World Ring will become a symbol of oneness and submission to collective purpose. A grand repository, library, and museum, the Ring is the starting point for the assembly, study, and application of humanity’s collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Enhanced by newly developed and integrated technologies it will provide an immersive experience where the world’s preeminent scientists, artists, philosophers and visionaries can share ideas and contribute to a collective ideal.

The World Ring will be a tangible and metaphysical pilgrimage into humanity’s history and amalgamated knowledge. Images depicting pivotal points from our past will adorn the structure, while organic elements and natural proportions will subtly permeate the landscape. Designed to extend collective awareness the World Ring and it’s surrounding gardens will create an immersive experience—nurturing discussion, reflection and creation.

The desire for unity and harmony exists within all of us. We need only accept our inseparable path to begin the journey. The World Ring and its underlying philosophy are components of that next step, which we must take together. To accept our nature and move forward as one will require bold determination, unequivocal trust, and faith—faith in ourselves, our collective abilities, and the resonant harmony within the universe.